Maja Laura – Lavender Brown

Maja Laura - Lavender Brown

Warsaw, Poland-based avantpop artist Maja Laura recently released a new single. Lavender Brown is her second single in the row that comes as a proper continuation of her debut, Feldman’s Voicing Resonance. The brand new single will be such a treat to those listeners who’re profoundly into avant-garde music genres, but the song also goes towards indie specter in so many cases. Therefore, Lavender Brown will be suitable for those listeners who’re more into regular music genres, such as indie-pop. The composition contains several segments that are coming like well-arranged sonic stories.

Maja Laura

Maja Laura tries to build up theatric tension through abrasive, distorted, noisy maneuvers while the minimalistic glitches, drones, and ambiances serve as perfect background noise. The artist creates eerie, grimy, weird soundscapes that would suit perfectly as a soundtrack to a horror movie. Despiting the eerieness, there’s something addictive, hypnotic, strangely beautiful in this number, which unquestionably bursts with many qualities that even the well-known artists in this genre would envy. It’s the sheer creativity of Maja Laura to compose and produce the tremendous experimental avantpop song that stands out from the pile of contemporary avant-garde artists. You should check out Lavender Brown if avantpop is something you dearly listen to every day. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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