Cadavre De Schnaps Release Unlearning By Doing EP Via Barhill Records Today

Cadavre De Schnaps
Photo By Martin Steinke

After the advance songs „Balloon (Modern Version)“ and „Spilled Milk“, the Cadavre De Schnaps EP „Unlearning by Doing“ is released today digitally and on CD. On it, the Cologne-based indie band presents its very own mix of indie and alternative rock as well as post-punk. For a band that actually sails under the indie rock flag, Cadavre De Schnaps have always been far too free-spirited and trippy: Started as a DIY home recording project by Jeong-Il Sin, the boozy outfit quickly grew into a band after the snotty avant-folk debut „Let Bad Things Happen“ (2015). This culminated in 2019‘s album „Comedy“ – an extremely complex endeavor that tied knots in your legs on the imaginary indie dancefloor.
The new 5-track EP „Unlearning By Doing“ is not exactly junk food either, yet one gets the impression that the quartet now wants to show its more accessible side here. „Unlearning By Doing“ has been released by Barhill Records. You can listen the EP HERE or order CD HERE.

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