Bullet Treatment – BT1985 CD EP (Basement Records)

Bullet Treatment - BT1985 CD EP - Basement Records

I’ll have to admit that I awaited this release with anticipation since I spoke with the guys in Bullet Treatment. Those readers who’re into melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, melodic punk rock, and skate punk probably remember Bullet Treatment for Designated Vol. 1. It’s an EP release where this project/band collaborated with Thomas of Strike Anywhere, Russ of Good Riddance, Tim of Rise Against, Chris 2 of Anti-Flag, Sturgeon of Leftover Crack/Choking Victim/Star Fucking Hipsters, and Johnny Of Swingin’ Utters. It was published in 2009, but this is not the only release by this Los Angeles hardcore punk project/band. Their first releases date way back to the early 2000s when the band released superb recordings, such as What More Do You Want, The Mistake, Dead Are Walking, etc. Judging by the discography, Bullet Treatment keeps it prolific as much as possible, and all releases sound top-notch. That’s the case with their latest release BT1985 as well.

BT1985 contains five profoundly energetic hardcore punk tunes, entirely performed in Bullet Treatment’s classic manner. If you ever craved classic hardcore punk tracks fully stacked with excellent lyricism, catchy riffs, and mid-tempo rhythmic maneuvers, then BT1985 may be the perfect choice for you. Perhaps this release is slightly slower than preceding recordings, but it is equally good. As a matter of fact, it may serve as an appropriate introductory piece to those who never heard of Bullet Treatment before. Soundwise, BT1985 brings eighties hardcore punk back on the map through cleverly assembled, aggressive, dynamic tracks. At some points, maybe these numbers resemble the sound practiced by some renowned names of the genre, but still, BT1985 carries Bullet Treatment’s signature sound.

Outstanding guitar shreds are the main ingredient that keeps me motivated to spin this extended play repeatedly. Bullet Treatment are mostly known for their impressive hardcore punk riffs, so that’s the case with this release. Seriously, you’ll be blown away by the ideas invested in these songs, and you’ll probably think how you didn’t come up with these ideas before. The only thing that bugs me a little bit is a thick layer of distortion implemented over the lead vocals, but after listening to this release a couple of times, it doesn’t spoil the listening experience for me at all. Who knows, maybe some of you will love this addition that, without any doubt, goes hand in hand with the remainder of orchestrations. If we put that minor obstacle aside, BT1985 sounds superb, and it will be right up your alley if you’re profoundly into classic eighties American hardcore. BT1985 is available as a physical and digital release via Basement Records, a record label that published most of Bullet Treatment’s recordings. Highly recommended release!

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