Amphior – Phantasm

Amphior - Phantasm

Danish experimental artist Amphior unleashed a brand new single a couple of days ago. Phantasm is the debut single from his latest full-length release named Another Presence. It serves as a perfect introductory piece into the vast sonic universe delivered by a very talented experimental performer who simultaneously merges several complementary genres of avant-garde music at once. As soon as you delve into this fine piece of sonic artistry, you’ll notice that Amphior solely relies upon dark ambient as a primary base for his luxurious sound. However, many other genres are lurking around during the entire process, so you may also stumble upon cinematic ambient, drone, goth electronic music, spoken word, but the artist also left a lot of space for listeners to discover along the way.

Photo by Mathias Hammerstrøm

Amphior fully stacked this composition with layers of darkened, gothy, disturbing ambiances, soundscapes, various sonic maneuvers, and other experimentations. Despite the nearly grimy vibes, Phantasm is unquestionably an easy-listening dark ambient composition, which continuously crosses into drone music waters. Another thing worth mentioning is that Phantasm also possesses minimalistic sequences, which intervene with more detailed soundscapes. There’s no doubt that Amphior thought about all the details while assembling this song, and the most important fact is that the entire full-length is cleverly arranged. You can listen to Phantasm or/and Another Presence on all streaming services.

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