Bones In Butter – Another Cloud

Bones In Butter - Another Cloud

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you probably stumbled upon Bones In Butter before. This Serbian post-punk band is no stranger to these pages, and there are many reasons why. Bones In Butter has a tradition of releasing singles regularly, so I always await new tunes with anticipation. It’s been a while since they released this single, but I was eager to hear it and write something about it.

Bones In Butter are not an ordinary post-punk band you stumble upon every day. Their sound is more luxurious, detailed, complex, and it seems the band is making progress even more with each composition they deliver. At least, that’s the impression this interesting band leaves on me. Another Cloud is more than a solid proof since this number includes more than plain and simple post-punk maneuvers. You may hear elements of psychedelic rock, psychedelic electronica, goth rock, post-rock, new wave, shoegaze, dream pop music in this particular track. I’ll leave some spaces in between so you can write down some more genres because Another Cloud sounds like a comprehensive collection of genres from beginning to end.

Bones In Butter
Photo by Christopher Banks

Whatever instrument you focus on this pleasant sonic journey, you’ll notice nothing but exceptional musicianship. Of course, let’s not forget Milutin’s unique singing style that comes as an additional layer of harmonies over the top. The subtle psychedelic ambiance works to the advantage of this song, while the remainder of the instrumentations burst with sole professionalism from scratch to finish. Every element included within almost five minutes of pure sonic artistry indicates that Bones In Butter are not joking around when it comes to songwriting, composing, producing, and recording their tunes. Another Cloud smells like a mid-eighties post-punk or goth rock tune, but don’t forget their admiration towards Electric Light Orchestra, which is vividly hearable in this song. Some other ear-appealing sonic interruptions lurk around, but I will leave you to discover them while listening. Another Cloud is available for listening on all streaming services.

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