Zwakkelmann – Liebhaberei CD (Hulk Räckorz)

Zwakkelmann - Liebhaberei CD - Hulk Räckorz

Here’s some more German punk rock. I saved the best for last from a recent batch sent by our pals Rookie Records. It is the first time I am encountering this band. After the starting notes and beats, I was immediately hooked on their sound. However, after doing some research, I realized Zwakkelmann is more of a solo project of Schlaffke Wolff, previously known for his work in Lockmus. After reading that, there’s no wonder why this project sounds so good. The remainder of the group, or should I say, musical support, consists of Marius OPunktHase on bass guitar and Tobi Blommen on drums. According to my fellow friend Discogs, Zwakkelmann released eight full-length releases on compact discs, such as Spritztour, Stubenrocker, Vollhorst, Kulturbeutel 2010, Briefmarkenalbum, Zwakkelmania, Entschuldigung, and Papa Punk. However, I would like to talk about the upcoming full-length entitled Liebehaberei, which will be out next month.

Liebhaberei carries sixteen superb melodic punk rock songs, enhanced with so many elements borrowed from other similar or complementary genres. When I said melodic punk rock songs, I meant classic punk rock decorated with ingredients such as power pop, pop-punk, and rock’n’roll. Still, Liebhaberei doesn’t sound like any other contemporary melodic punk rock band. Zwakkelmann aims much more towards the good old days when melodic punk rock music wasn’t overwhelmed with commercial hooks, poppy choruses, and ridiculously annoying overproduced sound. Yup, I am fully aware that I said there are elements of power pop and pop-punk, but Zwakkelmann‘s music resembles much more to the sound of the late eighties to mid-nineties music when all the brilliant power-pop infused punk rock albums seen the light of the day. Just add some classic rock’n’roll over the top, and you got yourself a top-notch sound of Zwakkelmann.

I mean, it’s not quantum physics. It’s just a melodic punk rock properly written, composer, arranged and recorded in 2022. Judging by the sound, that was the sole intention of the author. You’ll notice some similarities with Descendents, Ramones, and maybe there is also a vividly hearable resemblance with Leatherface but in a more polished way. Each composition differs in its structure, arrangements, and style, so it’s not so easy to define it by only two or three bands. There will be moments when you’ll probably say, this sounds like classic German punk rock, and you wouldn’t be any far from the truth. The thing is, this release forces you to evoke memories of some albums you heard before, but actually, it sounds fresh, unique, and thankfully, far away from the vast sea of nearly identical melodic punk rock bands on the scene. Liebhaberei carries so many listening pleasures, sonic delicacies, and hidden surprises that you’ll spin this album repeatedly for weeks. As far as I am informed, Liebhaberei comes on compact disc only, so head over to Hulk Räckorz and grab a copy. As a matter of fact, grab a couple of copies just in case you destroy the first CD by continuous listening.

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