The Rapports – Wanna Be

The Rapports - Wanna Be

Brighton-based indie rock quartet The Rapports released a brand new single today. Wanna Be is the fifth composition in the row from a series of singles launched in 2016 and the first track this year. This particular number comes with an appropriate video. Wanna Be showcases the natural progression of a band that continuously expands the sound in so many sonic spheres. Besides the sheer dominance of ear-appealing indie rock sound, you may stumble on heavy dosages of energetic alternative rock, nineties rock, and classic rock. The Rapports put heart and soul into their brand new composition, and that’s more than hearable from scratch to finish.

The Rapports

Wanna Be embraces the best of both worlds. On one side, you have a modern take on an indie rock sound, but the song also resonates with a strong nineties alternative rock vibe on the other. The Rapports thought about even the tiniest details while assembling this composition, so you’ll solely enjoy this tune no matter if you’re into the beforementioned genres or not. The riffs are enormously catchy, low-end tones cleverly assembled, rhythmic sequences flawlessly performed, and the chants add even more harmonies over the top. Therefore, Wanna Be possesses everything you need to start this weekend like a boss. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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