Superflesh - L.O.V.E. CD EP - Elitbolaget

Superflesh – L.O.V.E. CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Superflesh - L.O.V.E. CD EP - Elitbolaget

Here’s some more music from Elitbolaget‘s versatile catalog. This time, I had a chance to taste the slightly mellower side of this Finnish label. As usual, it is one of the side projects that involves members of some other Elitbolaget’s bands, such as Bob Malmstrom and Trident. Superflesh is something like the Finnish answer to almighty deathrockers Turbonegro, but with a lot more humor involved throughout the entire process. After all, they described themselves as Village People Of Punk, so perhaps that’s even the better description. The band served more as a side project with a couple of lineup changes, which resulted in only two demos released along the way. One of those demos was the LOVE EP, which I would like to talk about a bit more today.

L.O.V.E. EP comes with four tunes housed as an eco pack compact disc release. Right with the initial beats of this material, you’ll notice there are a lot of things going on. Superflesh fully stacked this recording with as many genres as they could think of at the moment. I have to admit I am not hearing deathrock along the way, but there are some other derivates of rock, such as sleaze rock, glam rock, garage rock, hard rock, alternative rock, punk rock, and heavy metal. Superflesh tried to embrace all the crucial eras with their music. Therefore, do not be surprised if you stumble upon some sixties garage rock, seventies hard rock, eighties sleaze/glam rock/heavy metal on one side, and nineties alternative/punk rock on the other.

There’s something for everyone, and each composition differs from another. Of course, Superhflesh took these orchestrations to another level by mocking every possible genre during the entire extended play. Perhaps this sound is not for everyone, but you’ll unquestionably have a good laugh if you pay closer attention to the lyrics. They’re entirely mocking the rock’n’roll lifestyle without overwhelming their music with too much humor. Therefore, Superflesh could easily pass as a good parody band consisting of musicians who know how to write, compose, produce outstandings no matter what genre they explore at the moment. I believe this release is still available at Elitbolaget, so head over to the label’s Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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