Groan Room – Greasy Thumbs

Groan Room - Greasy Thumbs

Salford, UK-based indie rock band Groan Room recently released a new single. Greasy Thumbs is their sixth studio release that comes as a proper continuation to the remainder of their discography that consists of four singles and one extended play. This particular single is also their first release in 2022, indicating a fruitful year for a band. Greasy Thumbs resonate with calmy melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions during the ear-appealing verses and slightly heavier, grungier, alternative rock riffs during the choruses. Still, these creative musicians remain loyal to their already established sound from scratch to finish.

It’s an outstanding indie rock song that arrives as a perfect overture for those who’re not familiar with the sound of Groan Room, while loyal fans of the band can expect the sound they get used to before. However, it seems that Greasy Thumbs introduces some innovations, such as a slightly improved approach to songwriting, composing, arranging, mainly because this particular composition sonically shines brighter than the remainder of their discography. The brilliant ideas and marvelous musicianship were always the main qualities of Groan Room. However, this track delivers so many sonic delicacies that will unquestionably indulge listening apparatuses of indie rock fans. You can listen to Greasy Thumbs on all streaming platforms.

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