Jon Sandman – Dear Friends

Jon Sandman - Dear Friends

We have all gone through different phases since the pandemic began. Isolation can only harm people, and the majority had hard times while being under isolation for months, even years. Oxford, UK-based singer-songwriter Jon Sandman released a new song that deals with this particular theme. Dear Friends is a sorry note to his partner, family, and friends. It’s a sincere indie number about not staying in touch with the dearest ones. The song with such a sensitive topic seeks some calmy, relaxing, soothing melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions, so Jon Sandman exactly does that. He wrote, composed, produced a song that perfectly describes his point of view and position in this particular situation.

Jon Sandman

You’ll immediately notice that the artist thoughtfully assembled this composition. Perhaps this tune was written from a singer-songwriter perspective, but it possesses so many details than meets the eye in the first place. Jon Sandman incorporated so many details, hidden sonic delicacies, ear-appealing chord progressions, and harmonies that you’ll immediately fall in love with this song. This song also possesses some classic alternative and indie rock maneuvers, so Dear Friends will practically appeal to even the pickiest admirers of the beforementioned genres. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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