Opal Skies – Parasite

Opal Skies - Parasite

London, UK alternative rock quartet Opal Skies released a new track yesterday. Parasite is their fourth single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2020 and the first single this year. This particular composition represents a proper continuation of their previous tunes. Still, it also showcases a natural progression of the four creative musicians who never cease to amaze. Opal Skies unquestionably expanded their already illustrious sound by incorporating heavy riffs, various guitar shreds, massive basslines, dynamic beats, and other sonic delicacies. Besides the beforementioned orchestrations, Opal Skies paid attention to various details, accentuations, arrangements, and song structure in general.

Opal Skies

Parasite represents a heavier side of an alternative rock scene, but there are some other genres involved as well. Perhaps this tune leans towards alternative rock sound, but you may also stumble upon some elements of indie, grunge, hard rock, and noise rock. Still, besides all the heaviness emitted by the involved instruments, there is a profoundly melodic lead vocalist who serves as such a nice contrast with all those ear-appealing chants. Parasite is a flawlessly written, composed, and produced tune that will appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re profoundly into the beforementioned music genres. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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