Guitar Gangsters - Fortune Favours The Brave CD - Coretex / Breakout Promotions Records

Guitar Gangsters – Fortune Favours The Brave CD (Breakout Promotions Records)

Guitar Gangsters - Fortune Favours The Brave CD - Coretex / Breakout Promotions Records

There are times when I feel that this website lacks some writings about classic punk rock music, and today is one of those days. Luckily, I stumbled upon a brand new album by Guitar Gangsters, thanks to Rookie Records, who recommended it to me. I have to admit this sound is right up my alley from scratch to finish. For those who are not familiar with this band, Guitar Gangsters are a longevous English punk rock band established in London in 1988. The band released ten full-lengths, a couple of live albums, several extended plays, and appeared on a few compilations. Besides being prolific with studio recordings, Guitar Gangsters are an experienced live band that toured more than 28 countries in their three-decade-long career. Fortune Favours The Brave is their latest full-length album, set for release on February 25 via Breakout Promotions Records.

Fortune Favours The Brave carries thirteen energetic compositions that mostly lean towards classic punk rock sound. Still, Guitar Gangsters are also interested in other subgenres of rock music, such as garage rock and rock’n’roll. There are elements of the beforementioned subgenres lurking around throughout the entire album, and the band experiment with these ingredients according to the current mood. You may also notice some pop-punk, power pop, and soft rock, but Guitar Gangsters mastered these experimentations to the max, and each one of these subgenres applies to their classic punk rock base. Each composition delivers an entirely different atmosphere, mainly due to the tempo changes. No matter if we’re talking about slow, mellow, power-pop infused tunes or profoundly energetic punk rock bangers, Guitar Gangsters are handling all these styles like pros.

As a guitar player, I cannot escape the feeling that the exceptional chord progressions, thoughtfully arranged riffs, ear-appealing melodies, harmonies, themes carry at least 50% of their sound. Guitars are nailing it from beginning to end, and that’s vividly hearable on each song. Still, that doesn’t mean the rest of the band is any weaker. Quite the contrary, the remainder of the band is responsible for another half of their catchy sound. I love how the bass guitar is volumed up in the mix, so you’ll hear all the basslines without any difficulties. The rhythm section is mainly responsible for the profoundly dynamic sound of the band, and you’ll unquestionably enjoy all the beats, accentuations, and fills included in these songs. The lead vocals are adding another layer of harmonies over already melodic music, and this style of singing applies to both power pop and punk rock elements. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind you’ll enjoy this album if melodic, power pop-infused classic punk rock is something you dearly love. Fortune Favours The Brave deserves your utmost attention. The album comes on February 25, so head over to Breakout Promotions Records and pre-order your copy. Highly recommended release!





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