Bob Malmström - Välj Malmström CD EP - Elitbolaget

Bob Malmström – Välj Malmström CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Bob Malmström - Välj Malmström CD EP - Elitbolaget

Once again, I am digging deep into the box of Elitbolaget records in search of some older Bob Malmström recordings. You probably stumbled upon my previous reviews about their recordings, and the most recent write-up was about their Kejsarsnitt 7″ record. However, I decided to go a step further and write something about Välj Malmström, their even older CD EP recording. Soundwise, the band didn’t change much between these two recordings, except Välj Malmström leans more towards the classic hardcore punk while Kejsarsnitt 7″ goes towards raw crust punk sound. The diversity is always welcome, and it’s always good to hear that band knows how to adapt to several music genres at once but still keeps some signature moves. Bob Malmström are pros in merging a couple of extreme underground genres at once, but they also sound superb when they’re focusing on one genre at a time.

Välj Malmström carries three energetic hardcore punk compositions that the band labeled as demo recordings. However, these tunes could easily fit as proper studio recordings because I’ve heard a lot worse demo recordings before. Each composition sounds superb, flawlessly performed, thoughtfully arranged, and you won’t even notice you’re listening to the demo recordings. Musicwise, it seems that Bob Malmström decided to pay some respect to the widely known Finnish hardcore scene because these songs lean towards that style a lot. Of course, these guys added personal touch, so these numbers have that recognizable Bob Malmström vibe. You may also stumble upon slower segments, but this material almost entirely bursts with sheer dynamics, energy, speed, and aggression. Classic Bob Malmström performance if you ask me.

If you’re into fast Finnish hardcore punk music, then Välj Malmström will be totally up to your alley. After listening to several recordings by Bob Malmström, I conclude that these guys never disappoint. I truly believe this CD EP is still available at Elitbolaget, so head over to their website and grab your copy. For those who’re into digital music, Välj Malmström is available on Spotify. Enjoy!






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