Killer On The Road: Year Of The Fist Released The Third Single From Their Live 7″ Record

Year Of The Fist

Oakland, California-based punk rock quartet Year Of The Fist recently released the third single from their Live at the Ivy Room 7″ vinyl record. Like previous singles, Killer On The Road showcases an energetic performance by these experienced musicians. For those who’re not familiar with the sound of the group, Year Of The Fist blend several genres to achieve the desired sound. Besides the sheer dominance of melodic punk rock, the band explores some other complementary genres, like grunge, garage rock, and alternative rock. Killer On The Road probably comes close to the nineties raw, abrasive, grungy punk rock, similar to the sound nurtured by Bikini Kill, Hole, Babies In Toyland, The Distillers, Lunachicks, L7, PJ Harvey, and many more. Still, Year Of The Fist sound fresh and unique as much as possible, and the beforementioned bands serve more as an inspiration.

Year Of The Fist - I Want Your Love

Live at the Ivy Room comes as a 7″ vinyl record, released by DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live was one of the first show promoters who embraced the situation with pandemic and provided live shows broadcasted over the web. After a while, they went a step further by recording those performances and publishing them in physical format. You can listen to Killer On The Road on Spotify, while the 7″ record is available on the Year Of The Fist Bandcamp page.

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