Sweet, Coins Recently Released A New Single

Sweet, Coins

Hatfield, UK-based pop-punk quintet Sweet, Coins recently released a brand new track. Worth It is their fourth single in a row from the series of singles that the band launched back in 2020. This particular composition showcases the natural progression of a band that already released impressive works such as Delusion, Take Me Back To When, and Just Like Kevin. It’s an energetic pop-punk number decorated with brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship. Still, Worth It carries even more than meets the eye.

Besides vividly hearable dominance of pop-punk sound, Sweet, Coins incorporated other sonic ingredients as well. You may stumble upon elements of indie rock, alternative rock, emo, and modern rock along the way. Each additional music genre upgrades an already illustrious sound of the group that unquestionably amazes with emotive lyricism and ear-appealing orchestrations. Worth It appears as a calm, soothing, relaxing, cathartic pop-punk song, but it also possesses tremendous dynamics that serve as such a nice contrast. There’s no slightest doubt this number will end up on your playlist as one of your favorite pop-punk tunes. You can listen to Worth It on all streaming platforms.

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