SALT - Boxcar

SALT Pays Homage To Leon Ray Livingston In One Of Their Recent Singles

SALT - Boxcar

Scottish post-punk group SALT currently promotes one of their latest singles. Boxcar is one of their most recent compositions, released in September last year. This particular number talks about Leon Ray Livingston, a famous hobo author known under the nickname A-No.1. He perfected the hobo symbol method utilized and identified by fellow travelers and paved his way around in boxcars while writing his publications. Besides such illustrious lyrics, SALT leads you onto an exciting sonic journey consisting of various ear-appealing orchestrations. The band embraces both harmonious, soothing, melodic aesthetics but occasionally leans towards the raw, abrasive, energetic side as well.


SALT nurtures such a unique sound based upon several complementary music genres. Perhaps the sheer dominance of post-punk continuously lurks around throughout the entire composition, but you may also notice some other sonic ingredients like punk rock, grunge, alternative rock, noise rock, new wave, and classic rock. These ingredients are responsible for a unique sound of the band, which unquestionably stands out from the remainder of contemporaries on the alternative scene. You can listen to the Boxcar on all streaming services.







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