Contact Light

Contact Light Recently Released Their Third Single

Contact Light
Photo By Sierra Causak & Joseph Lantonio

Philadelphia, PA skate rock trio Contact Light recently released a new single. Drown is their third single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and a first number this year. Contact Light continues at the same pace as on their previous singles. Still, it also seems that the band furthermore expands sound by adding some complementary genres over a skate rock base. Besides the sheer dominance of contemporary skate rock, you may also hear some elements of pop-punk, melodic punk rock, emo, and indie rock. This musical direction unquestionably suits their initial sound.

Contact Light
Photo By Sierra Causak & Joseph Lantonio

Contact Light as a band strives for a better world of mental health and tries to provide support to those who need the help the most through encouraging lyrics and music. Drown is not an exception, and the band follows the same thematic through the entire composition. This particular track serves as the anthem of empathy for individuals seeking help with health and issues. The band lets the music speak for themselves, and judging by their sonic appearance, a bright future is ahead of them. You listen to the Drown on all streaming services.






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