Big Mountain County

Big Mountain County Released A New Song

Big Mountain County

Italian psychedelic rock quartet Big Mountain County recently released a new single. Where Are You? is their first single released in 2022 that furthermore expands an already illustrious sound of the band. These creative musicians somehow managed to stack up even more ideas than ever before, so “Where Are You? showcases the new, fresh, improved sound of Big Mountain County. Besides the sheer dominance of ear-appealing psychedelic rock sound, Big Mountain County included generous amounts of other ingredients, such as krautrock, alternative rock, surf rock, post-punk, synth, dream pop, and shoegaze. It’s an exciting mixture of complementary genres that works to the advantage of this composition.

Big Mountain County

Big Mountain County builds an atmosphere around vividly hearable krautrock, post-punk, and psychedelic rock elements, while the synthy ambiance serves as a more than suitable addition that spices things up even more. The hypnotic rhythmic sequences and cleverly assembled basslines are mainly responsible for the dynamics. Nevertheless, these two vital instruments are also keeping the attention of the listener from scratch to finish. Where Are You? is full of surprises, and you’ll be blown away by discovering even more details every time you spin this song. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.







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