Of Shadows And Lights - Bleeding Wounds

Of Shadows And Lights Released A New Single

Of Shadows And Lights Released - Bleeding Wounds

Italian indie artist Of Shadows And Lights released a brand new single a couple of days ago. This creative artist continues to expand his sound by incorporating even more music genres than ever before. Bleeding Wounds carry all the vital elements and qualities of flawlessly produced indie music. However, this time, Of Shadows And Lights decided to include even more ingredients to enhance an already complex sound. Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock, you may stumble upon vividly hearable elements of alternative rock, hard rock, art rock, post-rock, synthwave, synth-pop, electronic music, and cinematic ambient. Despiting the generous amount of sonic ingredients, Bleeding Wounds appears as a superbly assembled composition that will satisfy even the pickiest ears who’re interested in indie music.

Of Shadows And Lights

There’s no slightest doubt you’ll solely enjoy heavy electronic grooves, synthwave sequences, ear-appealing synth melodies, cathartic keys, and wondrously performed cinematic soundscapes. The addition of generously distorted guitar riffs and cleverly arranged basslines serves as such a nice contrast to the soothing side of the composition. Of Shadows And Lights thought about every detail included within this track, so each segment is arranged to perfection. It’s one of those numbers you surely don’t want to miss. Bleeding Wounds is available for listening on all streaming services.






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