The Holdout - Won't Be Leaving Here Today LP - Grafton Records

The Holdout – Won’t Be Leaving Here Today LP (Grafton Records)

The Holdout - Won't Be Leaving Here Today LP - Grafton Records

I have to admit I was looking forward to listening and writing about this release. I was instantly hooked as soon as I heard a couple of the compositions. It took a while until a vinyl record arrived in Thoughts Words Action headquarters, but it’s finally here and let’s jump straight to the point. Won’t Be Leaving Here Today is the second full-length recording by The Holdout, released in December 2021. The Holdout is a Portland, Oregon trio that combines several complementary genres to achieve the desired sound, and all I have to say is that they’re doing it pretty damn well. The band has some other recordings, such as a debut full-length named The Things That Brought Us Here and a double digital single, No Us Without You / Sixes And Sevens. I highly recommend all their recordings because there’s not the slightest doubt in my mind you love it.

Won’t Be Leaving Here Today carries nine thoughtfully assembled numbers that explore a couple of similar genres, so the initial musical direction of The Holdout is hard to define. Perhaps post-hardcore could be used as a primary weapon of choice, but the band continuously delves deep into the aesthetics of punk rock, post-punk, post-rock, and indie rock. The most important thing about all these experimentations with various music genres is that their compositions sound incredible. Each number represents a fine piece of artistry that carries so many sonic wonders and listening pleasures. It’s also nearly mindblowing how all the beforementioned music genres match with the slightly calmy post-hardcore direction of the group. Still, besides every ingredient I mentioned above, you may also stumble upon some alternative rock, proto-grunge, and grunge elements. Won’t Be Leaving Here Today is an unquestionably versatile material that will suit everyone who’s deep into harmonious underground music.

Won’t Be Leaving Here Today is a flawlessly produced record, and you can vividly hear each chord progression, low-end tone, and rhythmics delivered by this trio. The guitars offer wondrous melodies, harmonies, regular and arpeggiated chord progressions, while the bass guitar contributes to the massive sound through cleverly assembled basslines. These instruments continuously duel for dominance, so the music of The Holdout sounds complex, detailed, innovative, and entertaining. The equally complex rhythm section holds everything together with creatively performed beats, accentuations, and fills. The female lead vocals are such a great addition that enhance these orchestrations even more, but you can also hear male backing vocals and singalongs from time to time. The entire band operates as a singular organism from scratch to finish, and you’ll notice their impressive musicianship as soon as you play this vinyl on your turntable. Won’t Be Leaving Here Today comes on vinyl, but you can also listen to it on streaming services if you prefer your music digital. Head over to The Holdout Bandcamp page or Grafton Records for more information about ordering.






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