Closest To Happy: Think Sanity Recently Released A New Single

Think Sanity

Think Sanity recently released a brand new single that announces their upcoming full-length, set for a release on February 19. Closest To Happy is one of the two singles this Anniston-based group released last year and their last composition in 2021. With Closest To Happy, Think Sanity expands their sound more towards math rock, post-hardcore, and emo, but you may stumble on some other elements lurking around as all. The band unquestionably loves experimentations with various complementary genres, but their compositions always sound incredible. That is also the case with Closest To Happy, which bursts with outstanding vocal performance, progressive chord progressions, equally detailed basslines, and technically demanding drumming acrobatics. Think Sanity possess all the tools of the trade for writing and composing meaningful indie songs, spiced up with brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship.

Closest To Happy still carries some traces of alternative and indie rock sound that Think Sanity included on their previous tunes, but this particular composition is entirely on another level and represents a step further for the band. It’s nearly mindblowing how Think Sanity stacked this track with so many ear-appealing sonic maneuvers, which will unquestionably blow you away as soon as you press play. Closest To Happy is available for listening on all streaming services.

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