Stop Dancing Now: Belgrade Psychedelic Post-Punk Group Bones In Butter Recently Released A New Song

Bones In Butter

Serbian prolific post-punk band Bones In Butter recently released a brand new single. Stop Dancing Now is their eighth single in a row from the series of singles launched at the beginning of 2021 and the first composition released by the band this year. After tremendous singles like Littlewing, Sad Girl, Her Cave, They Live, So Alone, This Is Not What You Promised Us, and Never Without You, Bones In Butter unleash an energetic post-punk number to properly begin 2022. Like their previous compositions, Stop Dancing Now also bursts with outstanding ideas, excellent musicianship, catchiness, and diversity. If you ever lost your faith in contemporary post-punk music, then this number will unquestionably restore it.

Bones In Butter - Stop Dancing Now

Stop Dancing Now combines post-punk sound with psychedelic aesthetics. Bones In Butter stacked their composition with elements of electronic music, industrial, cinematic ambient, goth rock, and alternative rock. The number possesses a cheerful, euphoric, hypnotic, addictive energy that forces listeners to dance to the beat. The psychedelic atmosphere pervades from all possible directions but somehow works like a charm with the post-punk rock base. The mixture of abrasive, raw, fuzzy distortion and clean, relaxing, soothing melodies enhances this ear-appealing tune on an entirely new level. As usual, Bones In Butter continue to amaze with each new single. You can listen to Stop Dancing Now on all streaming services, while the video is available for watching on YouTube.

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