Pershagen Signs With Lövely Records, Shares A Title Track Off Upcoming Third Album

Pershagen has joined Lövely Records for the release of their third studio album ”Hilma”. The Swedish quartet have created their very own niche of dreamy and cinematic instrumental music, where psychedelic rock meets post rock, and Scandinavian gloominess meets colorful moments of bliss.

Pershagen was formed in 2014 and has since built up an impressive resume, including tours in Russia, China, Scandinavia and mainland Europe, and collaborations with musicians such as Dungen’s Gustav Ejstes. Now, the band is set to release their third studio album “Hilma” in the spring of 2022.

The first single and title track of “Hilma” is released on all streaming platforms December 3. Jimmie from the band comments: “The main riff of “Hilma” is inspired by the indie and grunge music of the ’90. I felt that the album needed something that’s vigorous, raw, and straight to the point. Originally it was intended as a 1.30 minute long riff that would open the album, but when the whole band got together to play it, we felt it was lacking something. So we started experimenting with different arrangements, adding atmospheric and dreamy sections. We also added the Pedal Steel that can be heard throughout the song. In the end it turned out to be a song that’s both calm and heavy, raw and dreamy. A quintessential Pershagen-song, in other words”

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