EDDZ Returns With A New Single

Dammo Photography

Northampton, UK indie artist EDDZ returns with another marvelous single. My Story is a perfect continuation of Sorry, his debut single that we previously covered on our pages. The artist expresses real-life stories through his brand new single by describing his struggle with health issues. Soundwise, the music follows the theme through soothing melodies, harmonies, synth themes, and ambiances, while the punchy beat keeps everything in a moderate tempo. My Story continuously levitates somewhere between synthwave, dream pop, new wave, and indie rock. However, there’s a decent amount of electronica lurking beneath the echoic melodies and harmonies.

EDDZ - My Story

EDDZ paid a lot of attention while assembling this piece of pure artistry, and all the effort unquestionably paid off through an ear-appealing synthwave track that will remain on your playlist for months. This number proves that EDDZ is a skillful songwriter, composer, and producer capable of creating meaningful catchy tunes. My Story will suit all the fans of synthwave, synth-pop, dream pop, shoegaze pop, and contemporary indie music. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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