Bad Bloom Recently Unleashed A Brand New Single

Photo by Kate Rogers

New York dream pop/shoegaze outfit Bad Bloom recently released a brand new single called Automatic. This particular single represents a follow-up to their recent extended play named Leave. Bad Bloom nurtures such a unique approach to both dream pop and shoegaze. Their emotionally driven sound carries plenty of listening pleasures suitable for the admirers of the beforementioned genres. However, their ear-appealing music will also suit those who’re much more into indie pop, indie rock, and alternative rock. Bad Bloom possesses everything you ever needed from a dream pop/shoegaze band, plus even more if you let them hypnotize you with their pleasant sound.

Bad Bloom - Automatic

Automatic offers calmy, relaxing, soothing melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and other sonic delicacies. The generous servings of reverb, echo, and delay are decorating all these orchestrations in such an appropriate manner. These complementary effects are also mainly responsible for such a cave-like ambiance that unquestionably hypnotizes the listeners. Bad Bloom is all about offering a cathartic sonic experience, and their latest single is more than a good reason to pay attention to their music. Automatic is available for listening on streaming services.

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