Brink Of Contrast: Yuzostate Produces Music For All Senses

Yuzostate recently released another ear-appealing composition named Brink Of Contrast. While many artists focus more on the message, Yuzostate paid a lot more attention to the orchestrations. Therefore, he created an enormously catchy psychedelic funk piece with a solid indie-rock base. Inspired by contemporary bands/artists like Khruangbin, Kikagaku Moyo, Orions Belte, and Skinshape, Yuzostate solely focuses on calmy, relaxing, soothing music that relies upon psychedelic ambiance, funky chord progressions, cleverly assembled basslines, excellent percussive and drumming sequences. You may also notice some other ingredients like soul, cinematic ambient, and world music. Each one of these ingredients is present here and there but in much smaller quantities.

Yuzostate unquestionably achieved an interesting sound. It was a demanding task to mimic the sound of the entire band performing together in a room, and you’ll get the feeling like your listening to multiple musicians playing at once. Brink Of Contrast speaks about Yuzostate’s brilliance in so many ways. This particular song proves he’s an experienced musician who’s capable of writing, composing, producing, and recording ear-appealing psychedelic music. Brink Of Contrast is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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