Lelee Release A Video For Čudo


Slovenian playful indie / post-punk group Lelee welcomed their first video for the single “Čudo” from their debut album “Čuka bije pumpa” (Moonlee Records / Ill in the Head Records, 2021), signed by Belgrade director Miloš Tomić.

Miloš Tomić is a versatile film artist, animator, lecturer, and much more, who, among other things, represented Serbia at the Venice Biennale in 2013. In addition, he has directed numerous music videos for bands from the region (Repetitor, Jarboli, Vlada Divljan, Klopka za pionira…)

Miloš describes the creation of the video in the following words: “Čudo is a bouquet of selected diary and voyeur scenes that I have been noticing for a long time and hunting wherever I go, no matter what I do. This colorful material is created without a special plan, but with a polished hunting flair for little things, sparks, shots, verses from everyday life … Imagine a river that passes through big dirty cities, nature, villages … and brings me everything that people pick up along the way or that people throw into it. From such selected colorful garbage, I composed this video mosaic inspired by rhythm, energy, and words of the song “Čudo”.

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