Lost In Majority

Lost In Majority Released A Single And A Video For Joker

Austrian alternative rock group Lost In Majority recently unleashed a brand new single called Joker. This ear-appealing composition comes with an appropriate video, and it’s already gathered positive critics and radio plays all over Austria. Joker deals with people who don’t take responsibility for their words or actions, neither care if their words or actions harm their surroundings. As the band stated in the chorus of the song, some people want to watch the world burn, but without being responsible about it at all. The song is clearly pointed out towards modern global politics, which have done more harm than good to humanity in the past.

Musicwise, Lost In Majority explores genres that they’ve mostly known for, such as alternative rock, alternative metal, melodic metal, hard rock, and classic rock. The group also incorporated a bit of sludge metal into their verses, which is vividly hearable through downtuned guitar shreds, while the chors showcases some involvements of pop-punk and contemporary indie rock. The group invested heart and soul into this number, and the hard work paid off through an energetic, dynamic, ear-appealing song. Joker is available for listening on all streaming platforms while the video is available for watching on YouTube.







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