Birdman Cult Unleashes A Brand New Single

Birdman Cult

Bristol, UK alternative rock group Birdman Cult recently released a brand new single named Whisky Sunburn. Whisky Sunburn is their latest offering since its debut Snakes, released in 2019. This particular composition deals with the current worldwide situation where several generations clash with the modern world, refusing to embrace the modern, humane, compassionate way of thinking. Each generation has its distorted values and refuses to change and evolve. Unfortunately, they usually showcase their disagreement with modern values by hating other races, genders, and classes. Birdman Cult criticizes their methods through powerful melodic lead vocals, garage riffs, semi-distorted basslines, synthy ambiance, and energetic rock’n’roll drumming.

Perhaps their music sounds spacey and psychedelic at some moments, but Birdman Cult possesses enough energy to tear down the walls of hatred. Their orchestrations and in-your-face attitude have enough power to deal with all the injustices in this world and educate the masses about first-world problems. You will unquestionably enjoy this track if you’re into perfectly executed alternative rock with vividly hearable interferences of space and psychedelic rock. Whisky Sunburn is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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