Assassins Release A Brand New Single

Assassins - Believe

Melbourne, Australia rock group Assassins recently released a new single named Believe. This particular composition is the follow-up to their previous extended play called Confidence, released back in 2019. The group signed to Golden Robot Records and is looking forward to performing live shows after nearly a year spent in lockdown. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this band, Assassins are exploring all kinds of rock music, but they prefer straightforward garage and hard rock. However, the band decided to introduce a psychedelic sound on their recent single, so you’ll solely enjoy their new track if you’re into the psychedelic rock as well.

You may also notice how post-punk influenced their songwriting and composing since there is a vividly hearable echoic ambiance lurking around from scratch to finish. The production follows the same post-punk tradition with volumed-up drumming sequencies and basslines. Believe explores all these beforementioned elements in such a beautiful and ear-appealing way. As the band already stated, their music connects with a broad demographic, and the lyrics explain how they see their surroundings. Believe is a piece of fine artistry adapted for both fans of old school and contemporary rock music. The single is available for listening on streaming platforms.

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