Rebel Star Released A Brand New Full-Length Početak I Kraj

Rebel Star
Photo by Marina Uzelac

Serbian alternative/pop-rock Rebel Star released a brand new full-length album called Početak I Kraj. This is the sixth studio full-length that comes right after Demoni, a solo effort by Milan Glavaški, the leading force of the band.

Rebel Star - Početak I Kraj

Početak I Kraj carries ten soothing, emotive, powerful alternative rock songs, decorated with a decent amount of indie and pop sound. This particular material also presents a brand new line-up that consists of Milan Glavaški, Željko Markuš, Daniel Rodik, Zvonka Obajdin, Daniel Kadijević, and Jakša Perković. Početak i kraj also reveals some guest appearances by Nina Romić, Jurica Leikauff, and Ana Ćurčin. The album is currently available on streaming platforms, while the vinyl version comes soon. The release is a collaboration between Geenger Records and Pop Depresija.

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