Interview: Main Line 10

Main Line 10 - Legacy

Palma de Mallorca’s finest skate punks, Main Line 10, recently released their highly anticipated full-length on vinyl thanks to Dr. Skap Records, so I sat down with the guys to discuss the album, gigs, and some other stuff along the way. Enjoy!

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions? How are you doing guys?

Hi there! it’s a pleasure to talk with you. Well, We are working a lot right now. Just a few days ago LEGACY on vinyl came out worldwide, so we are very happy about it. The last month we released a cover of the song LAZY SONG by BRUNO MARS and we are currently working on a new EP which we hope will be released later this year. We are a very restless band.

Your latest album is coming out on vinyl in less than a month. Can you tell me something more about it?

Yeah, we are so excited about it, we are so grateful, Dr. Skap Records, Christian Kaufmann did everything for us to make it possible. We have a very good relation, we played together many times with his band and we have plans in the future.

Legacy came out as a digital release a year ago. Is the vinyl record something you’ve planned from the start, or that idea came later on?

We had it in mind from the beginning, but due to the covid everything was delayed. We also had the money problem(no shows=no money), so everything was unfortunately delayed. But that’s when Christian helped us and encouraged us to launch it together.

Is there any particular theme behind Legacy? Could you share some of the topics you covered on this album?

Legacy is a mixture of several themes that we like to talk about, we talk about the loss of loved ones, we talk about experiences in life and with music especially, we talk about friendship, we talk about how difficult the situation is in the music scene and we try to give a message of hope, where we always think positively to continue playing and doing things for/with Main Line 10.

I had a chance to listen to your previous recordings and even wrote a review for The Fox when it came out a couple of years ago. Have you somehow changed your sound over the years?

Yes, in each new album we try to grow and improve. We are very happy with our previous works, but it is true that we are always looking for our own sound. By trying new things, both in the composition and in the process of recording in the studio, step by step we are getting closer. We recorded our latest album “Legacy” at Kimera Records, a studio we had never recorded in before and with a new producer. We are very happy with the sound that has managed to get us out, since today it is the most faithful sound to what we are looking for. We know that in future projects we will change a lot over the years, cause it is a process that can last a lifetime. And we love it.

Can you tell me some more details about the record. How did you decide to release your vinyl record at Dr. Skap Records? How did that collaboration happen? I truly believe they also released your previous recordings. Am I right?

The collaboration came from the fact that we traveled to Germany to play with the band TOURETTE’S. It was an incredible experience and we ended up having a very good relationship with them. One of the band, Christian Kaufmann, offered to release our material and we loved the idea. Up to now we released with him LEGACY and THE FOX on cassette and a few weeks ago LEGACY on vinyl, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We highly recommend it and we are very thankfull.

Also, how would you describe your sound to someone who’s getting into your music for the first time?

This is always a question that we have a hard time answering. All of us are very influenced by very different bands and styles and the mix is ​​something difficult to specify. Basically what we do we define as Fast Punk Rock sometimes spiced with metal influences. We put in a lot of guitars, very fast and technical drums and a thousand voices, we are a band with two main singers and a chorus.

You played almost everywhere during the years and shared the stage with renowned acts like Bad Religion, NOFX, Ignite, Slipknot, Trivium… What’s your favorite gig/venue/country to play and favorite act/band to share the stage with?

We really loved to play at Punk Rock Holiday in 2016, also Resurrection Fest was amazing, but we also love to play in venues, we loved Rocksound venue from Barcelona(RIP), Tunnel Rock Club, Es Gremi(The big one), Mogambo(San Sebastian)… About countries-cities we loved to play in Mönchengladbach (We will comeback soon), Belgium (Retie we love you) and many more, we love to play outside of our island, ANYWHERE(laughs). And sharing the stage with Adrenalized, Beerbong, This is a Standoff, Ignite… was trully amazing.

Any anecdotes from the gigs/tours you would like to share with our readers? Any hilarious moment that you’re especially proud of?

As we have said before, punk rock holiday was incredible, we played there in 2016. The day we had to go home our bass player had to take a plane hours before us, due to work. He got lost and arrived late at the airport (remember that it was summer) he was dressed in a swimsuit, a tank top and flip-flops. He rushed to the airport and heard over the PA system that it was “the last call” of his flight. Then he started running so fast that he lost his flip-flops on the way for fear of not missing the plane. in the end he did not miss the flight but the flip flops (laughs).

Many bands suffered during the pandemic. The inability to rehearse, play shows, and record in the studio crippled a lot of bands. How did you manage your activities during the pandemic?

As a band it has also affected us. We have lived a never seen situation that has touched us personally and that affects the band. Luckily we have managed to handle it in the best possible way and we have moved on. Unlike us, many bands in Mallorca have decided to separate in the wake of the pandemic. We have continued working even though we could not see each other: we have continued to compose for future albums, we have been active on social networks and we have taken advantage of the launch of our latest album “LEGACY” to give it a boost, as far as promotion is concerned.

Has the pandemic somehow affected your lives and jobs?

Yes, unfortunately Covid19 affected us a lot on our island. Mallorca is a place where tourism has a very important weight in the economy, and the fact of not being able to have tourists has affected us a lot.
Two of us (San and me) work on summer season as a musicians in hotels and private events, so you can imagine how badly the pandemic affected us in our work. The rest of the band were also affected by Covid19 in their working life.

So, what are you currently listening to? Any favorite tunes, records, or bands that you would like to recommend to our readers?

Right now we’re listening some of Turnstile (last album is a master piece), Four Year Strong, Belvedere, Belmont, Roam. We love bands like While She Sleeps, Beerbong, Comeback Kid, Alient Ant Farm and a long long list, our music taste is full of mixed styles, we love Cannibal Corpse, Blink 182 and Richard Cheese (laughs).

That’s it. Thank you so much for your time. Anything that you would like to say to our readers?

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right. Stupid positive quote but is what we always do for the band and for ourselves, just keep going. Thanks for being there and we’ll see you at the shows very very soon.

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