Stream Vacation Days Off Broadcaster’s Latest Record Joyride+3

Broadcaster’s “Vacation Days” appears on the band’s LP ‘Joyride +3’ available for pre-order now on Jump Start Records with exclusive limited color pressing for members of the label’s 25th Anniversary subscription club.

‘Joyride +3’ has been on deck for some time now, but the label only finally got around to getting it set up for a vinyl pressing during the Covid pandemic. The release includes remastered versions of Broadcaster’s 2011 four-song EP of the same name, the three tracks from their ‘Tightrope Walker’ seven-inch release in addition to previously unreleased acoustic versions of all the tracks from ‘Joyride’.

Easy to say for fans of Iron Chic and Adult Magic since Jesse (vocalist) plays in both bands as well. Club exclusive variant of Spring Green and Coke Bottle Clear color in a color vinyl limited to 100 copies with updated artwork from our favorite, JP Flexner.

Filled to the brim with catchy hooks, poppy sing-alongs, and downright rock jams, Joyride will certainly make people take notice of this power-rock trio from Long Island. Likened to bands like early Weezer, The Weakerthans, and 90’s alternative scene favorites, Dinosaur Jr., Broadcaster’s sound is undeniably catchy, fun, and rockin’.

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