Estonian Trio Cherry Tobacco Promotes Its Latest Single

Cherry Tobacco - Dolores

Estonian post-punk trio Cherry Tobacco promotes its latest single called Dolores. Besides vividly hearable dominance of the late eighties to mid-nineties post-punk sound, you may hear how alternative rock, indie rock, punk rock inspired these creative Estonian post-punks to shape up their versatile sound. Cherry Tobacco is inspired by Joy Division, Fang, Flipper, Wipers, Black Angels, Nirvana, CAN, The Smiths, Mudhoney, among many others, so you may hear how these renowned groups affected their songwriting and composing. Cherry Tobacco added a bit of shoegaze and dream pop atmosphere over their melancholic melodies, so Dolores sounds calmy, soothing, relaxing all the way through.

Cherry Tobacco

Dolores deals with Lolita, a book by one of the leading prose stylists of the 20th century, Vladimir Nabokov. The theme of the song pairs flawlessly with the soothing melodies, harmonies, half-step rhythmic segments, and percussive accentuations. Judging by the overall listening experience, it seems that Cherry Tobacco feels comfortable while performing this style of music. At some points, Dolores carries a strong psychedelic rock vibe that pervades the listening apparatus from all the possible directions. You will solely enjoy this composition if you’re into psychedelic post-punk, shoegaze, and dream-pop sound. Dolores is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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