Punk Rock Renegades The Queers Ape The Monkees On First Single From New Studio Album Reverberation

They’re here! They’re The Queers! Get used to it! Or don’t, the band doesn’t really care either way. In fact, since their formation in 1981, The Queers have made a career out of upsetting conventions and norms across political, social and musical spectrums. Under the leadership of founding vocalist, Joe Queer, the band have blazed their own path through 4 tumultuous decades, crafting a persona of fun-loving troublemakers while at the same time creating music that was undeniably vivacious, hooky and in-your-face passionate. And while the band’s lyrics were always admittedly juvenile and flippant, the vocal melodies and harmonies that sang those lyrics were always complex, intricate and (dare we say) mature, earning the band what is perhaps the single highest praise attained by any band of the last century when Larry Livermore of Lookout! Records described them as “The Ramones meet The Beach Boys.”

It’s the latter act, along with their early rock peers, that takes the spotlight on The Queers newest album of retro cover songs, Reverberation. Set for release on September 24, Reverberation is Joe Queer & Co.’s trip through some of rock’s foundational songs like the aforementioned Beach Boys’ “Be True To Your School,” The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright,” The Clovers’ “Love Potion #9” and not one but two tunes made famous by another fun-loving group whose adolescent antics belied their musical maturity, The Monkees. The classic “(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone” and the exquisite “Valleri” both appear on the album and, today, the band happily shares “Valleri” on all streaming platforms as a preview of what’s to come on the full album.

Order the CD/vinyl: HERE
Pre-order/pre-save the digital: HERE

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