Wild Gravity Shares A Debut Single

Photo By Out of the Dark Photography

Comatose is a debut single by Wild Gravity, a powerful alternative rock duo from Chicago, IL. The group started in late 2020 when Ken Ugel and Phil O’Reilly began hanging out on Zoom. After discussing concerts, music influences, and plans to create music, they soon realized they share many similar interests and even attended some of the same gigs over the years. Ken already had some ideas recorded, so after eight weeks, Phil landed vocals on six tunes. Comatose is the first one from that set and such a perfect introduction piece to the sound of Wild Gravity. The song showcases the abilities of both musicians, who shine bright on the spotlight throughout the entire composition.

Wild Gravity
Photo By Out of the Dark Photography

Perhaps Wild Gravity mainly explores alternative rock sound, but there are more genres included along the way. Besides alternative rock, you may encounter some other ingredients such as modern metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, and hard rock. The duo handles all these subgenres of rock music like pros, so you will solely enjoy Comatose from scratch to finish. This composition perfectly demonstrates how these two musicians are matching when it comes to composing progressive alternative rock music. From robust guitar shreds and powerful rhythm section to brilliant vocal performance, Wild Gravity possess what it takes to become the next big thing on an alternative rock scene. Comatose is available on Spotify and YouTube.

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