Degenerate Era Promotes The Latest Single

Manic is the latest single by Nashville, Tennessee-based Degenerate Era, and their second release that embarks the new era for the band. After more than a successful series of singles that lean towards post-rock/post-grunge sound, the group changed direction into progressive rock/progressive metal. The group retained all the characteristics of their previous releases, but it seems that Friction EP and Manic went a step further, mainly because of the brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship invested into these releases. Degenerate Era started at the very beginning of the pandemic, so they never played live shows, but this group had what it takes to knock your socks off with their sonic appearance.

Degenerate Era

Manic represents a turbulent rollercoaster that will take you on the wild ride consisting of progressive downtuned chugs, palm-muted riffs, and robust guitar shreds. Nevertheless, Degenerate Era also showcases the other side built upon calmy chord progressions, ambient solos, various clean accentuations, and other sonic delicacies. The group also incorporates loads of pleasant soundscapes that are enhancing their impressive orchestrations. Excellent lead vocals are leading the way through the vast universe built upon complex melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, ear-appealing soundscapes, and somehow embracing the thematics covered in this song. Manic is unquestionably a progressive rock/progressive metal rollercoaster you surely don’t want to miss. The single is available for streaming on Spotify.

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