Proto Tip Are Promoting Their Latest Single

Photo By Kišobran

Belgrade’s noise-rock collective Proto Tip is sharing brand-new single “kako ovde”, the first offering from the debut album scheduled for 2022. Recorded at Down There Studio in New Belgrade by Uroš Milkić, this is the sound of the band who has something important to say, deeply rooted in Belgrade noise-rock scene with a distinctive nod to Sub Pop, Alternative Tentacles, Matador… 

“Where Has All the Magic Gone? And how We did get here? How? Here?”

Young Serbian group Proto Tip presents a cathartic new song “kako ovde” and announces its debut studio album for the Pop Depression indie label, scheduled for the beginning of 2022. The single “kako ovde” is available on all digital platforms, as well as on the bandcamp, and video directed by Nikola Romčević is available on YouTube.

Proto Tip - Kako Ovde

“kako ovde” begins as some lost Sepultura song, then merges into Fontaines D.C. existential drama and then goes to Nomeansno, Fugazi, Rage Against The Machine or (why not? Serbian influences are huge) Overdose, Dead Ideas, Repetitor … catharsis. Nothing is perfect, nothing is pleasant, everything is cracking and bleeding, and around you is a guitar hell, a mesmerizing bass, a powerful drum and apocalyptic synths (special guest Matej Rusmir!) … and that howl from hell. All this in brutal production by Uroš Milkić in the Down There studio. The video for “kako ovde ” is a lo-fi “Cronenberg” type of family horror, creepy and dark, directed and written by Nikola Romčević and Vukašin Radić.

What has changed since October 2017. and the debut EP “Strah od izvesnog” (Listen Loudest) in the life of the group proto tip? The trio that consisted of Nikola, Vuk and Vukašin grew and developed over time. The singles “Nisam neko”, “Strah” and “Podražavanja” followed, as well as the participation on the influential HALI GALI compilation with the song “Pad”, and each of those songs was a step further in sound and production and intentions. Step by step, the proto tip matured and expanded its sound universe along the way. Based on – Nikola Čučković (voice and guitar), Vuk Knežević(bass) and Vukašin Radić (drums) – the magic of Damjan Nedelkov (guitar) and the hysteria of Danilo Ilić’s synths were added. There will be more changes, people and surprises. The poetic world of singer and guitarist Nikola Čučković is a story for itself – raw and cruel, as if drawing the faces of people who are fighting for their existence, for their freedom, for their dignity…

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