Love Ghost Promotes A Single Featuring Rico Nasty

Love Ghost unleashes another tremendous single named Wolfsbane, featuring Rico Nasty. Their latest work showcases the ultimate dueling between contemporary hip-hop and alternative metal sound. The group merges these two elements but also includes alternative rock, industrial rock, indie rock, and melodic metal. Wolfsbane unquestionably leans towards contemporary underground music, but you may also hear some segments where Love Ghost resembles some of the renowned heavyweights of the genre who rose to prominence back in the late nineties. Once again, the group showcases marvelous ideas through brilliant songwriting and outstanding musicianship. Therefore, Wolfsbane bursts with so many catchy moments that will immediately blow you away.

Photo By Taylor Lamb

Rico Nasty uplifts the genre-bending music of Love Ghost on an entirely new level. Love Ghost are known for their experimentations with sound. Therefore, you may experience everything from alternative rock to emo, from indie rock to grunge, but do not forget the melodic metal that highlights all these instrumentations and gives more dynamics to their ideas. Rico Nasty contributes to this mixture with her well-known rapping techniques and leaves her personal touch to this particular number. Wolfsbane will be entirely up to your alley if you’re into hip-hop-infused alternative metal music. The single is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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