Docaos Releases A Debut EP

Escolha Keywords is the first EP by the band Docaos that comes with 6 songs ready to make you rethink your existence, purpose and full of feeling, will invite you to a self-analysis with disconcerting melodies and rhythms, intense choruses and unexpected musical structures. Each theme, a choice of words (as the name of the EP dictates) well thought out to suggest answers to existential dilemmas. The band has just released their first EP “Escolha Keywords” on all streaming platforms. 

Started in 2019, directly from São Paulo, Brazil, Docaos emerged from the concern of friends to produce a sincere sound that questions reality, both external and internal, addressing personal conflicts and ancient conclusions about our role in existence, the need to resist this wave of apathy and indifference to human life and instigate a search for truth and meaning in a broken, sold-out, individual and relativistic world.

With its rock base, the band is not afraid to go beyond style, with experimental tones and Brazilian music (mainly northeastern). The kick starts with carrying stones or building cathedrals, a sound beating of motivation and sincerity in melodic choruses until it goes through reflective and bold songs like “Right Before me” and “O Tamanho do Vazio (Asfixiado)”, which question why we do what we do and the feeling of emptiness that accommodates us.

It continues with songs such as “Samba de um cadeado só” (with the participation of none other than Ed Garcia guitarist of Vitalism and The Mantor) and The Key is… paradoxical songs that complement each other and enjoy different structures, with remarkable choruses and a lot of fiber .

It ends with the majestic “Enredo de Fabiano em Ré Menor” (with a special participation in the brilliant narration, the Potiguar Julhin by aunt Lica), a toast to Brazilian northeastern migrants who came to the Southeast in search of jobs and better living conditions, the almost symphonic song and full of northeastern arrangements, it tells the adventure of Fabiano and Antônia who go through many troubles and injustices to provoke a great reflection on the value of human life, which in fact is revenge and the reality of a heart full of faith. This is certainly a song to listen to many times and let the reflection of this work have its effect.

Docaos - Escolha Keywords EP

The cover of the EP features artists Mateus Moura and Caio Abdalla (who is also a guitarist at Docaos) to form the white circle amidst chaos in red (handpainted by Mateus) that makes harmony amidst chaos clear. , and suggests exactly what the songs also go through.

“Escolha Keywords” is a great start for Docaos that marks its beginning in the Brazilian music scene very well with this first work. Let the next ones come.

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