Catalysts Are Promoting Their Latest Single

South Wales alternative rock quintet Catalysts unleashed their brand new single Sylvia a while ago. The group nurtures such a unique sound based upon an ear-appealing blend, consisting of complementary genres such as alternative rock, indie rock, and post-rock. These experimentations with several genres are delivering a fresh, compact, modern rock sound that will appeal even to the pickiest admirers of rock music. This creative group of musicians bursts with colossal riffs, robust low-end tones, and exquisite rhythms from scratch to finish, but there’s more than meets the eye. Besides complex musicianship, Catalysts‘ deliver a meaningful message about toxic relationships.

The group explains: “Sylvia represents those toxic relationships, good when you’re partying. But just like the hangover comedown the next morning, not so good for functioning in the real world. Sylvia was one of the first songs that shaped Catalysts’ sound”.

With meaningful lyrics and tremendous musicianship by the entire band, Catalysts‘ unquestionably found a formula for success, and it is no surprise that this South Wales alternative rock quintet exceeds all expectations with each new number. It is also the case with Sylvia, their best work to date, and there is no doubt that you will be astonished by their sense of composition and balance. You can listen to the single on streaming services such as Spotify, and YouTube.

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