Next Stop Olympus Shares The Ignorance Of Us

The Ignorance of Us was the first single taken from the brand new EP ‘Heart, Mind & Hell’ by Next Stop Olympus, which was released in April 2021.

“Sometimes when words have failed you, all you have left is to scream. The Ignorance of Us is a reminder not to break yourself to fix another, with the desperation that comes with a splintered connection. The song follows the emotional journey through a relationship that is falling apart, with one side refusing to take any of the responsibility for their involvement in its demise! This song is all about release; the embodiment of frustration, anger and despair all in one massive punch of Anthemic Metalcore.” – Conor McEniry (Vocals)


Mixing the heavy breakdowns and screaming vocals of Metalcore with the intricate guitars and anthemic choruses of classic Rock n’ Roll, the band have crafted their own unique brand of Modern metalcore, riddled with nostalgic vibes that will have you banging your head & raising your horns to the sky! 

“The EP highlights a person’s journey through the betrayal and collapse of any relationship and turning to personally destructive tendencies as a means to cope before ultimately giving in to the personal demons simmering at the surface.” – Matt Gray (Bass & Vocals)

“We took a massive step up with every aspect of this EP, from the writing process to the recording. Taking a much more personal route with the way we put the songs together to tell the story that each member of the band can relate to.” – Conor McEniry (Vocals)

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