Ship Of Fools - Status Quo 7" - Hell For Breakfast Records

Ship Of Fools – Status Quo 7″ (Hell For Breakfast Records)

Today, I would like to introduce to you a powerful Canadian punk rock group. Ship Of Fools roams the underground scene for a while, and in just a couple of years, released a decent amount of recordings. This Newmarket, Ontario quartet published a couple of extended plays, such as Broken Knuckles EP, The Basement Demos EP, and several singles like Swim, Dead Before Noon, Old Scars, and Status Quo. Ship Of Fools also released a full-length A Perfect Place For Harmony that consists of eleven outstanding punk rock tunes. However, it seems nothing beats their latest extended play called Status Quo, released by Hell For Breakfast Records a few months ago.

Status Quo contains four compelling numbers that are defying any classifications into a particular subgenre of punk rock. Perhaps the group prefers melodic punk rock, but there’s more than meets the eye. Besides melodic punk rock, you may notice some other ingredients along the way, such as melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, mathcore, and skate punk. There are even more elements implemented into the sound, but those are some minor details and accentuations. Ship Of Fools mainly explores melodic punk rock and melodic hardcore. Each composition carries a particular serving of these two ingredients, while the other major and minor elements are present here and there. The group dominantly explores contemporary melodic punk rock sound, but you may hear some resemblance with groups that played this style during the nineties.

The band continuously balances between sheer aggression and melodic side. It seems that each member of the group feels comfortable while playing this genre since Ship Of Fools sound precise from scratch to finish. The guitar delivers bone-crushing, fast-paced, energetic riffs but also offers generous servings of melodies, harmonies, and some dissonant tones along the way. The bass guitar supports these maneuvers but also binds guitars with the profoundly dynamic drumming performance. The vocals are keeping it with aggressive chants throughout the entire material without losing consistency and energy. Everything sounds top-notch from beginning to end, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy emitted by this band. Status Quo comes on a 7″ record, so head over to Hell For Breakfast Records for more information about ordering.




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