Grand Collapse - Empty Plinths LP - Various Labels

Grand Collapse – Empty Plinths LP (Various Labels)

Grand Collapse - Empty Plinths LP - Various Labels

Today, I am introducing to you a melodic hardcore punk band that ages like a fine wine. I am familiar with the previous works by this group, and each preceding recording stands as a piece of pure artistry in terms of hardcore punk music. Grand Collapse is gradually becoming one of the British top melodic hardcore punk acts, and this title comes with more than a good reason. The group possesses all the vital ingredients to fulfill particular formula which works for both old school and new school fans. After a while, Grand Collapse released their highly anticipated brand new material named Empty Plinths, released by several record labels, such as Epidemic RecordsTNS RecordsDon’t Trust The Hype RecordsMass Prod., and Urinal Vinyl.

Empty Plinths contains eleven brand new compositions, plus Icons Of Filth cover as a bonus. The group follows its recognizable style, built upon faster rhythms, technically demanding chord progressions, fast-paced riffs, and feral lead vocals. Still, it seems Grand Collapse progressed in terms of aggression and technicalities since their previous full-length material. Empty Plinths offers a slightly heavier, ferocious, aggressive side of their established sound. However, the band still offers a decent amount of melodies, harmonies, and other polyphonic delicacies. Besides contemporary melodic hardcore, you may notice some standard hardcore punk maneuvers, skate punk acrobatics, melodic punk rock harmonies, but also some crusty melodies and energetic rhythmic structures that resemble the UK d-beat sound.

These combinations are working surprisingly well, and the entire group handles all these subgenres that define their unique sound like a pros. The complex guitar shreds perfectly match the stalwart rhythm section, while the robust basslines bind both elements in a giant slab of noise. The aggressive lead vocal performance comes like a cherry on the top, and furthermore defines the powerful orchestrations of the entire band. Lyricwise, Grand Collapse provides a socio-political commentary about topics that are striking local/global society nowadays. There are a couple of tunes about animal rights, our impact on the environment, and some other similar themes. The group embraces all these important themes and offer their opinions about them. You should consider purchasing Empty Phlints if you’re into flawlessly performed melodic hardcore that includes some other complementary genres along the way. The album is available digitally and on vinyl, so head over to Epidemic RecordsTNS RecordsDon’t Trust The Hype RecordsMass Prod., and Urinal Vinyl for more information about ordering.




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