Polemics Unleashed A Brand New Single Followed By A Lyric Video

Bristol, UK duo Polemics are returning with a brand new single. After spending most of April and May in the studio writing, composing, recording, and producing what would become their debut album, the group decided to treat a broader auditorium with Captain. The Captain is the third single in a row, but the first one this interesting duo published in 2021. However, Polemics are preparing loads of surprises such as a winter UK tour and an EP material that will serve as another overture for their debut full-length recording. Wait until you hear Captain because you’ll await their material with anticipation after you hear this energetic composition.

Polemics - Captain

Polemics are into a lot of genres, but the final result is very pleasing. Besides the sheer dominance of genres such as math rock and alternative rock, you may hear some other ingredients like post-punk, punk rock, grunge, noise rock, and indie rock. The duo combines all these elements with so much sense for composition, balance, and dynamics. Captain sounds both modern and retro but also offers something in between, so there’s something for everyone enclosed within this ear-appealing number. It represents the sound of the Polemics and serves as a perfect overture for their debut full-length recording. The lyric video follows the single, which is available for watching on YouTube. The single is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, and Bandcamp.

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