Terror Cult Premieres A Debut Single

Leeds, UK alternative/indie rock group Terror Cult premieres a debut single named Snubnose Jesus. Their debut number deals with American’s obsession with gun culture, and it represents an individual’s point of view on the link between mental health and violence. Terror Cult is born from the frustration of gun violence and the mental health epidemic, and points out the problems of contemporary society that are triggering the imminent collapse of mankind. Snubnose Jesus serves as the perfect introduction to the sound of the group, which gets straight to the point with powerful performance and an intellectual approach to lyrics.

Terror Cult

Snubnose Jesus offers a sneak peek into the profoundly detailed sound of Terror Cult, based upon the alternative rock and indie rock aesthetics. The group explores both old-school and contemporary music to illustrate the ideas enclosed within the composition. Besides sheer dominance of alternative and indie aesthetics, Terror Cult involved generous servings of punk rock, noise rock, grunge, and other more abrasive sounding music genres. These ingredients are defining the aggression and dynamics of the group. The group balances between calmness and noise during the entire composition by providing enough melodic segments and more volumed-up chord progressions. In the meantime, a stable rhythm section keeps everything in line and liberates enough power to pair to the guitars. Snubnose Jesus is available on Spotify.

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