NOCONTENT Shares A Brand New Track

London, UK-based duo NOCONTENT shares a second single called Self Contagious. The group invested eighteen months of the pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, quarantine into a singular slab of noise. NOCONTENT incorporates several complementary genres such as post-hardcore, hardcore punk, punk rock, noise rock, garage rock, alternative rock to illustrate their frustration caused by all the troubles made up by the omnipresent pandemic. Perhaps this comprehensive collection of genres may seem too much to some listeners, but wait until you hear the song. The duo thoughtfully assembled all the ingredients, so Self Contagious comes as a bone-crushing composition ready to cause havoc.

Photo Bz Gianmarco Rizzo

NOCONTENT thoroughly examines each one of the beforementioned elements, but somehow manages to distill all of them into a unique performance that escapes any further classifications into a singular genre. Self Contagious contains everything you need from a modern alternative rock group. From abrasive, fuzzy, dirty-sounding guitar riffs to enormously dynamic drumming performance, NOCONTENT bursts with power by any means. No matter which genre you prefer, Self Contagious contains something for everyone, and it unquestionably demands your utmost attention. The song is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, while the official video is available for watching on YouTube.

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