Hinge - Hinge CD EP

Hinge – Hinge CD EP

Hinge - Hinge CD EP

I am glad that loads of new punk rock groups are popping out from nowhere on a daily basis. You can point your finger on the map and discover some cool bands emerging from any country you desire. The best thing about all these new groups is the fact they’re all sounding equally good. The group that recently caught my attention would definitely be the Hinge. I tried to find some proper information about the group, but there was zero info except the group emanates from Essex, UK. As far I am informed, this is their debut material, but who knows, maybe the group has some other recordings in the catalog. Whatever may be the case, this particular material deserves to be featured on our pages.

This self-titled EP consists of seven tremendous skate punk compositions, delivered just as the skatepunk should sound nowadays. The group leans more towards a straightforward approach to this particular genre than relying on technicalities like most skate punk groups tend to do these days. Hinge continuously levitates somewhere between classic nineties skate punk sound and some contemporary trends within this genre. Still, you may hear some late nineties melodic hardcore punk sound and smaller chunks of regular melodic punk rock along the way. Judging by their sound, it seems like the group was heavily inspired by the music of legendary groups like Cigar, Pulley, Craig’s Brother, H20, Lifetime, Avail, Bouncing Souls, and many other similar bands. It seems the group feels comfortable performing this style since all their tunes are sounding great.

The majority of this extended play contains fast-paced tunes, but the group doesn’t go into ultrafast tempos. Hinge defined a particular tempo that applies to showcased melodies, harmonies, themes, and chord progressions. It also works like a charm for the entire band because each involved musician nails with his performance from scratch to finish. Hinge thought out each melodic/harmonic/thematic segment, while riffs and chord progressions are implemented with so much sense for composing. There are also a couple of slower numbers which serve as a nice contrast to those faster tunes. The lead vocalist contributes with a layer of melodies/harmonies over these orchestrations. Therefore, Hinge nailed every aspect of their debut material. The eye-peeling visual identity decorates this debut EP, so you should consider purchasing this one on a compact disc. Head over to Hinge’s Bandcamp page for more detailed information about ordering.




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