Venice, CA’s OTTTO Releases New Song Ride Low


Based out of Venice Beach, OTTTO is a three-piece band with strong roots in Thrash, Funk and Metal. Fusing those genres, the band (whose members all range in age from 17-18) creates a powerful new style of music. OTTTO is fronted by Bryan Noah Ferretti on vocals and guitar, with Tye Trujillo on Bass and Ryan Duswalt on drums. The band’s first LP comes out late 2021, which is a follow up to their EP released last year.

Of the video (directed by Paul Marchand), the band says, “Somewhere in Los Angeles it’s still the same as it always was — whirling helicopters, barking dogs, and the din of general insanity drift through busted single-pane windows on the hot summer breeze. Never mind the repo man, it’s a city of angels, and if you don’t give them what they want, they’ll run you right into the ocean.”

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