Foggy May Are Promoting Their Latest Full-Length Material

Foggy May

Highly prolific trio Foggy May promotes the latest full-length material named It’s All A Joke. After two critically acclaimed albums, countless singles, and extended plays, this US alternative rock trio is more than ready to unleash the latest and most advanced recording. It’s All A Joke consists of thirteen profoundly detailed compositions that will instantly force you to cheer up and dance. Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock, Foggy May explores some other genres along the way. Therefore, you may hear the interferences of indie rock, reggae, and ska. All these ingredients are defining the unique sound of Foggy May, and you’ll be blown away by the way how these three musicians are combining all these elements.

Foggy May - It's All A Joke

Foggy May are David Klima on vocals and bass guitar Ben O’Brien on guitars and vocals, and Reed Rhoads on drums and vocals. They got together in Westminster, MD in 2010. David and Ben went to the same middle school and Reed met Ben through a basketball league. The group cites Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Beatles, and Police as their main influences. It’s All A Joke is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, and YouTube.

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